Jade’s story about washing her baby’s hair

Jade had been a mom for just over three months now, and although she had learned to handle most aspects of caring for her newborn baby girl, washing her hair had been one of the more difficult tasks to get right. She wanted to ensure that her baby was clean but also to avoid getting soap in her little one’s eyes.

One day, Jade decided to try a different approach to washing her baby’s hair. She filled a small plastic tub with warm water and placed it on the counter in the bathroom. She then carefully picked up her baby girl and placed her into the tub, holding her head and neck with one hand to support her.

Jade then gently wet her baby’s hair with a washcloth, carefully avoiding getting water in her baby’s face. Next, she applied a small amount of baby shampoo to her baby’s scalp, lathering it up gently with her fingers. She could feel her baby’s tiny hands grasping at the air and her little legs kicking excitedly.

Jade could hear her little one cooing with delight as she rinsed her baby’s hair with a cup of warm water. She was amazed at how much easier it was to wash her baby’s hair in the small tub without worrying about the water getting into her eyes.

Jade then lifted her baby out of the tub and wrapped her in a soft towel, gently patting her dry. She then placed a clean diaper on her baby and dressed her in a cosy outfit.

Jade couldn’t help but smile as she held her clean and happy baby girl in her arms. She was glad she had found a new way to wash her baby’s hair that was effective and enjoyable for her little one. It was one more way she could take care of her baby and enjoy the moments they shared.

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